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Riga Office:
Workdays 9.00 – 17.00
Phone +371 29237353;
+371 26130996
E-mail: info@mb.lv

Pāternieki CP:
Daily 0.00 – 24.00
Phone +371 65682314;
+371 22019134
E-mail: patarnieki@mb.lv

Customs guarantee for IMPORT and TRANSIT procedures

* Guarantee for customs payments
* Application of transit guarantee

Customs declaration and customs clearance

* Customs formalities for putting goods into free circulation in Latvia
* Customs formalities for putting goods into free circulation in EU (customs procedure 4200)
* TIR clearance at New Computerised Transit System (NCTS)
* Clearance of export procedure
* Advance electronic information to the customs authorities of the Republic of Belarus (EPI)

Issue a Conclusion on the material and weight of packing


* INTRASTAT reports
* Report for Green Dot Latvia (GDL)
* Report for Zaļā josta Latvia atskaites

Insurance Services



From the 1st January, 2011, obligatory before cargo’s importation into the EU Community’s territory the declaration of goods for customs procedure (import or transit) will be possible only if the customs authorities will have access to the declaration of appropriate summary of importation.
The declaration of importation summary should be submitted, in case of motor transport transportation, at least 1 hour prior to the cargo’s importation in customs authorities.
As your company uses “M&B” Ltd., Customs Broker Permit No.MB-0021, services for transit procedure execution at Paternieki CCP – Latvia – Belarus border, we ask, at least 1 hour prior to the cargo’s importation into the EU territory through Paternieki CCP, to send to “M&B” Ltd. declarants following information:

1. Sender
2. Recipient
3. The carrier (EORI), motor transport No.
4. CMR No.
5. Product description, quantity, gross kg.
6. The customs point where will cross the border
7. The customs point where will clear the goods
8. Route – must identify the countries, which will cross

Information by your choice, you can send by: fax: +371 65682314
  mobile phone: +371 22019134
  e-mail: patarnieki@mb.lv
For more information, please, call:  phone: +371 67371374
   mobile: +371 29237353


Company “M&B” was established on 1992. Since 1992 M&B provides customs declaration and customs brokerage services. Customs broker deals as a mediator between customs and customer and was subjected to the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers “Upon customs brokers”. A customs broker provides all customs actions stipulated by law – pays customs duties on behalf of the customer and applies general security when executing customs procedure.

Since 2004 “M&B” Ltd. offers a preparation of reports of INTRASTAT for Central Statistical Bureu of Latvia and bookkeeping services.

At present “M&B” Ltd. carries out customs clearance at the frontiers of European Union at customs points Paternieki (border with Belarus), CP Silene, CP Daugavpils depot (Daugavpils cargo terminal), CP Jelgava and Liepaja, ant any inland customs point at Riga without the customer being present. The company provides customs clearance services remotely also in all other customs points in Latvia.

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Our Offices and the TEAM

Riga Office

Šmerļa iela 3-216A, Rīga
phone +371 67371374, +371 67364457
Email: info@mb.lv
Ieva Rožlapa
Office Manager
Mobile: +371 26322229

Druvis Eglītis
Customs Specialist
Phone: +371 67364457 Mobile: +371 26130996

Business hours:
Monday - Friday 9.00 - 17.00

Saturdays, Sundays and after business hours - by prior appointment only.

Cēsis HQ

J.Poruka iela 8-306, Cēsis
Phone +371 64127409, fax +371 64120047
Email: cesis@mb.lv
Ināra Urnika
Board Member
Mobile: +371 29237353

Vija Grantovska
Senior Accountant
e-mail: gramatvediba@mb.lv

Daugavpils depot CP (0816) Daugavpils cargo terminal

Piekrastes iela 22, Daugavpils
Phone/fax: +371 65488511
Mob. +371 27651560
Email: daugavpils@mb.lv
Svetlana Lavrinoviča
Customs Declarant
Mobile: +371 26725960

Svetlana Seļska
Customs Declarant
Mobile: +371 29679913

Business hours:
Monday - Friday 9.00-18.00

Saturdays, Sundays and after business hours - by prior appointment only.

Jelgava CP (0512)

Stacijas iela 1, Jelgava
Phone/fax: +371 63022328
mobile +371 29377661
Email: jelgava@mb.lv
Laima Riekstiņa
Customs Declarant
Mobile: +371 26527565

Business hours:
Monday - Friday 9.00-17.00
Saturday, Sunday ---

Liepāja CP (0411)

Cukura iela 8/16, Liepāja
Phone/fax: +371 63420026
Email: liepaja@mb.lv
Zinta Nelsone
Customs Declarant
Mobile: +371 29485563

Business hours:
Monday - Friday 9.00-18.00

Saturdays, Sundays and after business hours - by prior appointment only.

Pāternieki CP (0731)

"Pāternieki", Piedrujas pagasts,
Krāslavas novads
Phone/fax: +371 65682314
Mobile: +371 22019134
Email: patarnieki@mb.lv
Edgars Solims
Customs Declarant
Mobile: +371 26483894

Aigars Jacina
Customs Declarant
Mobile: +371 25400178

Anna Reute
Customs Declarant
Mobile: +371 27065369

Nadežda Kuzmina
Customs Declarant
Mobile.: +371 26260013

Jeļena Žurņa
Customs Declarant
Mobile.: +371 29596581

Business hours:
Monday - Sunday 00-24


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